Shop our brilliant range of Hinikotiol skincare products at Skin Box. Hinokitiol is used in oral and skin care products. Purchase skincare products containing Hinokitiol and get them delivered straight to your door. 

Our most popular skincare product containing Hinokitiol is the Hydracalm Moisturiser from Alumier MD. This moisturiser is loaded with antioxidants and calming ingredients for sensitive and redness-prone skin.

Another Alumier MD product which contains Hinokitiol is the Calm-R. It is a lightweight and gentle hydrating serum proving relief for sensitive and redness-prone skin. If this sounds like something, you need to check it out below. 

Another Hinokitiol skincare product is the Recovery Balm. It is a soothing and calming moisturiser which is formulated for post-procedure recovery. 

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