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Vegan skincare

But I am not a Vegan!

Why Choose a Vegan product?

With  an increased number of clients turning to a Vegan diet it brings into question all the other products we use. As the skin is a semi-permeable membrane which is why patch medication works allowing the transfer of medication through our skin into our blood stream. It brings a lot of people to question the ingredients that they are applying to their skin and how it can have an effect on their health and on the animal products that could be contained in the ingredient list. For other clients who are not Vegan choosing a vegan product can be a question of wanting a more natural skincare range that has less impact on the environment.


Some of you might also not be the ‘all in’ type of client when it comes to making changes and questioning the ethical value of the products you use, this is why we have introduced some vegan, organic and zero waste options in our ranges. We believe that opening the idea to make little changes and sustaining those changes can still collectively have an impact both on environmental and ethical issues.

We suggest trying one body vegan range. I was very sceptical about shampoo bars being an avid product addict and always buying the recommended shampoo from my hairdresser I questioned the results that could be provided by shampoo bars.

After being encouraged to search for a brand after my 20 year old daughter had proudly announced she is now living a full ‘zero waste’ lifestyle, I felt I needed to attempt to try and do a little bit more! After trying and testing several brands I am delighted to have found SOLIDU and was, not surprised , but amazed at how my hair was after the first wash.

For those of you with teenage children there is also a plus to shampoo bars!!! No conditioner clogging up the shower or splattered on the shower screen. The product doesn’t get used up as quickly also! .The bars are excellent for travel as they are solid or going to the gym and they can double up as a body wash .



Our vegan ranges are not bulked with added water or unwanted chemicals, so many chemicals used in the beauty industry affect the environment at some point in their supply chain. Little steps towards a more conscious purchase can really be the first step to making a change and surprisingly give you better results on the products you are already using. So be it a shampoo bar, body lotion, scrub , bath salt or shower gel. You will not be disappointed with taking a little step in the right direction!.

Make a difference today, try a vegan product and feel the difference!

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