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Rose & Geranium Body Lotion


200ml. Think frolicking though an English county garden, roses in bloom, grass freshly cut.. that is what the aroma of our new Rose & Geranium Body Lotion smells like. Delicate rose is blended with rose geranium, palm rosa, ylang ylang and lavender. This organic certified hydrating and calming body lotion helps improve your skin’s natural elasticity supporting it to stays supple so make sure you use this every day. Excellent for all skins, especially sensitive.

A beautifully fragrant body lotion, a light texture but it feels very moisturising so you don’t need very much per application. You can use it all over the body but not your face. Apply after you bath or shower (ideally with the matching Rose & Geranium Body Wash), pat yourself dry and coat in this hydrating and calming body lotion. For great body skin which has natural elasticity and stays supple make sure you do this every day. You don’t want a wrinkly chest or clearly dehydrated shoulders if you make lots of effort with your facial routine – they will give the game away. From 35+ these areas have had such sun damage that you really start to see the signs of ageing on them.


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