Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber


The Daily Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber is designed for those who can’t decide between a soft sponge and a mild exfoliator! Enjoy the best of both worlds with one side made for exfoliation and the other side made for a gentle cleanse.

This dual-textured exfoliating scrubber is excellent for a light daily body scrub which helps get rid of impurities and dead skin. The second side allows for a daily gentle cleanse which elevates the effectiveness of your body soap or cleanser. 


  1. Wet the Daily Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber, then apply your favorite cleanser.
  2. Use the rough-textured side on your body for deep exfoliation.
  3. Finish your regimen with the softer side for a thorough cleanse.
  4. After cleansing is complete, rinse the Daily Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber and squeeze out excess water.

Your Daily Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber comes with SMART LABEL TECHNOLOGY.  When the writing on label fades, it is time to replace your scrubber! (Approximately after 90 days of use).

Pro Tip:
To maximize the life of your scrubber, make sure all excess soap is rinsed out before hanging it on the reusable caddy. Your Daily Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber is perfect for travel and easy to use everywhere you go.

What We Love About the Daily Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber: 

  • Gentle exfoliating texture, which is ideal for sensitive skin and all skin types
  • SMART LABEL TECHNOLOGY, indicating the Daily Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber should be replaced when the writing on the label fades
  • Clinically, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested
  • Organic, vegan, NEVER tested on animals
  • Now biodegradable thanks to the Ecologic technology that enhances the biodegradation of the fibers in microbe-rich landfills
  • Perfect for travel

Smooth (Safe and gentle for all skin types)

Component/Materials Used:
Fabric: Organic Cotton, Polyamide, Polyurethane

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