DMK Thermawave

This multifunctional age management tool uses vibration with hot/cold therapy as well as blue/red light for:-

– Smoothing fine lines
– Shrinking large pores
– Reducing redness & puffiness
– Calming sensitive skin
– Toning & tightening the skin
– Killing acne causing bacteria

Use this “magical” beauty device while cleansing and to help your DMK products penetrate deeper into the skin.

The incredible device uses 8,000 micro vibrations per minute to heat the tissue layers of the skin, this causes an immediate contraction that is followed by a delayed tissue remodelling effect; this effect positively impacts the enhancement of muscles elasticity and collagen production, reducing puffiness & creating plump and radiant skin.

🔴 Red light Is used by cells to build new proteins, collagen & elastin and assist in cellular regeneration which reduces inflammation and increases healing

🔵 Blue Light Is anti-inflammatory and can help improve the symptoms of psoriasis, erythema, dermatitis and eczema! It can help with removing sun spots, acne & even scars that were originally caused by acne.

Due to the active ingredients in this product it is only available to our Skin Members (those who have completed a skin consultation with us). Log into your membership account to purchase. Want to become a member? Book a consultation or get in touch at [email protected]