Daily Lip Scrubber


The Daily Lip Scrubber is a silicon lip brush that gently exfoliates your skin for soft and plump lips that removes dry skin and increases blood circulation. The finger handle on the Daily Lip Scrubber allows for easy application.

Apply your favorite lip oil or lip scrub then massage your lips in circular motions with the Daily Lip Scrubber placing your desired finger into the finger handle for a steady application process.

Pro Tip:
After use, apply lip balm to your lips to create a moisture seal for smooth lips

What we love about the Daily Lip Scrubber:
Gentle exfoliating texture, perfect for removing dry skin cells
Silicone base is exceptional for blood circulation
Silicone helps retain moisture, keeping skin hydrated
Vegan, NEVER tested on animals
Gentle (Safe for all skin types)

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