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Go Naked

Our focus this year is to get everyone naked!!! That’s a real statement isn’t it. At our clinic in Wexford we work with clients to reduce their make-up usage so we thought we would do the same with our virtual clients also @ skinbox.

How many of you gasp in horror at the thought of walking out the door without a drop of make-up on your face?. Do you spend double the time on your make-up morning routine compared to your daily skincare routine?

Our aim this year is to help as many clients as we can to start wearing less make-up to expose their naked face (with SPF!) and be happy with their own skin.

Skin Concerns

The reason why most clients don’t think they look great naked is due to underlying skin concerns. This could be Pigmentation, enlarged pores, inflammation, irritation, acne, Rosacea , sensitive skin, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin. Whatever the concern the most important aspect is to get the right help from a qualified expert.


During lockdown we have been mainly dealing with clients that are suffering from breakouts, inflammation and irritated skin but like every skin concern the most important first step is to identify the cause. During a consultation this will be the first aspect of your discussion with your skin coach. Once we identify the cause we can correct with scientifically formulated and supported clinical data using active ingredients at the correct concentration and synergistic formulas.

Ultra Brightening Serum


Let’s look at an example of a skin changing cosmeceutical product. Dull tired skin is definitely a complaint of most clients post lockdown as is pigmentation. Pigmentation can be due to medication, underlying conditions, genetics and sun damage. The brightening serum from Ultraceuticals comes with its own independent clinical data . When tested in a comparison study to  the effects of skin brightening serum it was found the result was equal to that of Hydroquinone and Tetrinoin (Doctor prescribed skin brightening creams). This is due to the Melissa Officionalis ingredient and the concentration of Niacinamide found in the Ultraceuticals Brightening serum. Cosmoceutical skincare today can offer skin changing results in 90 days, imagine what it can do with consistency and continued use and in-clinic treatments!

90 Day Plan

In 90 days we can safely say you will be wearing less make-up! We formulate a 3 month programme adding an active ingredient and reviewing your journey with a consultation at the end of every month. At the 90 day mark we can compare and discuss your before and after picture and look at a programme to continue your journey to progress further and maintain your results. You can achieve this with homecare alone!!

#Go Naked

The results are worth it! Reducing your make-up and going naked provides a client with a wonderful sense of confidence in their own skin . Great skin is available for everyone. Get started and join us in Going Naked!


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