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Dry, sensitive skin? We have the skin solution.

Dry, sensitive and irritated skin can cause so much discomfort and can be very difficult to hide. Make up will not sit correctly, skin will appear older in appearance . Sound familiar? in clinic we have found more and more clients come to their consultation presenting these complaints.Why?

The changing weather this time of year contributes as does walking from cold outside environments to warm indoor environments. Central heating and longer periods indoor especially during the pandemic dry’s out the skin. Mask wearing, stress and illness from the pandemic and also over indulgence post Christmas.

Corrective skincare

We have formulated a collection from one of our leading brands Ultraceuticals to help clients start their skincare journey and repair and correct the issues brought by dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

Hyaluronic vs Moisturiser

So many clients reach for a thick moisturising night cream as the solution. Moisturisersare important to skin barrier repair ,nourishing the natural lipid layer of the skin with fatty acids and Cermaides, however ,let’s not forget the true water binding ingredient Hyaluronic.

The magic of Hyaluronic

Hyaluronic as an ingredient will HOLD water in the skin. In fact it will hold a 1000 times it’s own weight! This will give the feeling of hydrated, plump skin. The important point here is to invest in the correct formulation of Hyaluronic, a low molecular weight will penetrate the skin correctly and get to those layers where we want to retain the water.

Apply the Hyaluronic serum at night while the skin is in a state of repair and rejuvenation. Seal your Hyaluronic serum in at night with a layer of moisturising cream that is Bio mimmetic. In other words it is a moisturiser that mimics your natural lipid layer and repairs and restores your natural moisturising factor.

Corrective offer

In our corrective bundle we have created a skincare routine that offers all of the above benefits. You can expect to get immediate relief on the surface of the skin and you will see your skin health return in months ahead. The pack should last you 3 months so be sparingly with the product. Quality skincare goes a long way!

You can book an online consultation if you require a more detailed programme and you can always email us with any questions as your start your new skincare routine

Who knows in a few months you cold be ditching the make-up routine that covers skin issues . Real skincare, Real Results.