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Alumier Our Medical Grade Skincare Brand

Alumier medical grade skincare

Why AlumierMD?

Choosing to stock AlumierMD skincare was one of the best business decisions I have ever made as owner of a skincare clinic. I did not really change to medical grade skincare until I was 40 and with a two week transitional period involving a lot of flaking and peeling I came out the other end with skin changing results. This is when the real research into medical grade brands began!
The transition period was a result of being sold too many products and providing my then sensitive skin with insufficient time to transition. However this gave me faster results in the long term. Since then I have trialled many brands but when I discovered AlumierMD for me the brand delivered on so many levels. Backed by science , products produced in line with clean science, socially responsible and packed with active ingredients that deliver at the required concentrations for effective results. Many of the ingredients are delivered with slow release mechanism providing less transition time and sensitivity to the skin. Also a few key products are required for real results providing our clients with simple skincare routine that are sustainable over time. Six years on and I would never go back, my skincare routine is fuss free, simple, injectable free and result driven.
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Rosacea Results With AlumierMD

This was the picture from one of AlumierMD case studies that was the main reason we fell in love with the brand. Rosacea is a very common problem especially in Celtic skin types and as you can see from this client when it gets out of control it can truly affect many aspects of your life. This client had tried laser treatments with no results and it wasn’t until she started using Alumier products and getting professional Alumier treatments in clinic that the results really started to show. Amazing I am sure you agree! We have been using Alumier now for over  3 years and the results never fail us, in fact we find it difficult to keep supply with demand.
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Have a skin problem? Change it!

If you have been struggling with skin issues such as Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation, Acne or the ageing process is really starting to affect your self esteem then maybe it is time to step up your skincare regime and consider going to the next level and getting a medical grade skincare routine. You should never be able to buy medical grade products without a skin consultation first as they contain so many active ingredients they come with expert instructions on how to use and what to use!

First Step Ask The Experts| Skincoach Skin Consultations

This is when our skin coach service comes in useful! You can book an online consultation on our website or through the link below. This will give you 30 mins with one of our experts. We will go through a skincare plan with you and we can always work within your budget, lifestyle and expectations. The consultation is €30 or free if you choose to purchase a product. All our alumier prices are available to view under our ‘shop by brand’ section at Feel free to contact us with any further questions at 087 777 0858.
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Book Now, make the change.