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Body Sculpting Cream

The dreaded orange peel, dimpled appearance affects 90% of women no matter their size or fitness level, and is caused by the accumulation or enlargement of fat cells in between the connective tissue. Body Sculpting’s breakthough technology works to assist in circulation, oxygenation and improve the lymphatic drainage system while helping to strengthen the connective tissue. A must have in summer!

How to use: After a warm shower, apply a layer of crème onto the relevant area until only partially absorbed. Wrap the area with plastic wrap and leave for 40 minutes then remove and massage the remainder of the Body Sculpting crème in.

Due to the active ingredients in this product it is only available to our Skin Members (those who have completed a skin consultation with us). Log into your membership account to purchase. Want to become a member? Book a consultation or get in touch at [email protected]